Who we are
Dana Johnson Accountant

The idea

As a hotel owner, I aim at providing our guests with a perfect stay. I appreciate it when they tell us how they experienced their stay. Especially when we can improve something. Guests often find it difficult to critize face-to-face. And at check-out usually they don’t have time for evaluation of the service.

So I was looking for a better way to collect feedback. I wanted to encourage satisfied guests to recommend the hotel via review sites and social media. Also I wanted to exploit opportunities in our after sales. These thoughts formed the basis for the development of FranklyView.

Our experience …

The results have exceeded our expectations. 40% of the guests give their opinion about the property. The number of reviews on TripAdvisor and messages on social media has grown. And we are able to turn guests into repeaters.

… combined with the knowledge of other hotels

More and more hotels use FranklyView. Based on their findings and wishes we have further developed the system. FranklyView is ready for you. Are you ready to experience the benefits too?

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Our Mission

Our goal

  • We like to help grow your business.

  • Our products are smart, userfriendly and affordable.

  • We want to understand your business, business processes and challenges.

  • We keep our services up to date with relevant new technologies and platforms.

  • We welcome your tips and criticism.

  • We run our business in a transparent way.

Our Values.

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Customer first

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