We started Pincoffs as a dream and we run it with passion from day one. Of course I hope that customers recognize and appreciate our enthusiasm. I am delighted with all the positive comments and reviews. To continuously meet expectations, it is important for us that the hotel and the service are correct up to the details. FranklyView keeps us sharp.

Inviting guests is simple and fast, especially now that we are using the export function of LodgeGate, our PMS. I find it an advantage that guests can share their positive experience through TripAdvisor and Facebook. It is important that I can establish contact with guests who have suggested improvements. Thus we can share our passion for hospitality even after check out.

Website suitehotel pincoffs | Tripadvisor travellers choice 2013

Edwin van der Meijde

Owner – Suitehotel Pincoffs

As a boutique hotel we distinguish ourselves by modern design combined with first class service. To ensure that our service levels remain high, we measure the customer experience with FranklyView. This gives us insight into our strengths and we see where we can improve, even at room level. Thus we have implemented changes to our breakfast and we can respond better to preferences of permanent guests.

For the analysis we export the data to Excel. This way we can follow the development of our service level over an extended period.

Now that we have used FranklyView for several months, we see the scores on the booking sites and review sites rise. The fine tuning of the service and direct communication with guests who come up with suggestions have a significant effect.

In short, we definitely recommend FranklyView.

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Corina Waaijer

Owner – Hotel Mozaic

FranklyView offers me practical hints to improve my daily business. This can be room facilities, variety of choice of the breakfast, or input for staff-training. I import customer data into the system, which makes inviting guests easy and quick. The invitation is consistent with the branding of our hotel. I’m sure this influences the reponse rates positively. Almost 50% of our guests tell us how the experienced their stay. It is very helpfull to get insights on which guests are likely to plan a return visit. I can approach them directly with a targeted offer.

During the ‘Restaurant week’ we have created a special survey for our restaurant. When we know our guests’ contact details, we send them an invitation for this survey by e-mail. Other guests can access the survey by using the url on our business cards. This way we know within an hour how our performance is rated. lf neccessary we can adjust the menu or the service the same evening.

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Bart de Bree

Owner – Hostellerie Schuddebeurs – Hampshire Classic

Customer first

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Our Values.

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